We tend to eat cold during summer especially when our early July here has been around 30 degrees everyday. We ate a lot of salad, cheeses and bread keeping the stove untouched and also reducing the amount of washing! Such warm weather also remind us greatly of long summer days in Los Angeles dining over a plate of Hiyashi Chuka in Japanese restaurants on Sawtelle Blvd. Those days were filled with satisfying lunches with the cold soy sauce based ramen (egg) noodles topped with strips of ice berg salad, cucumber, fried eggs, ham or crab, sweet savoury tomatoes and garnished with sesame seeds and sesame oil (and sometimes even ice cubes!). It is perhaps also the typical presentation of julienne cuts that we really love. So precise but simple. It turns out with having kids, this dish also score full marks. Very easy to prepare and plated up in no time, this should also be your summer favourite. Get some inspiration from Marc or Nami. Enjoy!  29.07.2013

Tea & Social


Back at De Nieuwe Banier with a batch of international Rotterdamers enjoying a long coffee break while the kids get creative with crafts and burn off some steam. Menu included homemade savoury tarts and quiches, sweet treats… and from Urban Bakery - their fantastic paasstol.  More pictures from our FB.  29.03.2015


Poster OJ



AMBA is a food designer based in the UK who expresses her vegetarian lifestyle via the nature of food.  A form of still life on its own, her creation is refreshing, vibrant and best translated in her colourful prints.  A summary of food’s textures, shapes and colours within a framework.  This should be on your wish list too!  18.03.2015




A quiche-salad-sandwich office lunch at Het Gele Gebouw today. We also made a presentation to the tenants about the ideas behind The Saloon, a proposed cafe on the ground floor which aims to integrate ZOHO creative professionals. Many thanks to STIPO.  17.03.2015


Jolene Carlier got inspired by Willy Wonka’s quote, “Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.” and came out with a popcorn monsoon machine. It looks all fun but there is a flaw not captured… how do the last bit of popped popcorn get out?  12.03.2015



Chris Durso’s food pun project inspired by this 8 year of son - The Foodnited States of America.  A nice one.  12.03.2015

Edible Growth

Allow a 3D machine to ‘print’ out your dinner. This is the idea behind Edible Growth designed by Chloe Rutzerveld . To reduce the over harvesting of our resources, this idea creates your healthy and nutritious high-tech meal via a personalized 3D file. Then give it a few days while it grows to fit your appetite and plate. Great idea!  And many other inspiring work from her website. 03.03.2015



A inspiring and lavious design and styling from Lies Willers en Jeanine Aalfs for an exhibition namely Dining with the Tsars at the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum.  Sadly we missed the show but more information and images can be seen from here.  03.03.2015


Last Supper

A little amuse.  The Last Supper, playmobile way.  Pierre-Adrien Sollier is the name.  01.03.2015



A group of 25 architects got together for a private dinner after a recent trip to San Francisco USA. Greensparrow is thrilled to serve a 4 course meal in an elegant and modern residence in Kralingen.  See more photos from our FB page.  25.01.2015



If we play with our food like Anna Keville Joyce, bedtime will be extremely late.  See how she plates up these beautiful creations here.  20.01.2015

Looking back

2014 Selected

Oh yes by the way, A Happy 2015 to you all!  A bit like having another party after the guests had left…  Now just looking back to some fabulous cooking from last year.  Two thumbs up for a great year ahead!  13.01.2015



Here is wishing you all a well-rested Christmas break with all the good sumptuous food as we slowly welcome 2015. Think chestnut soup, roasted goose stuffed with herbs and citrus fruits plus luke warm chocolate mousse with orange liquor for dessert. A new (cook)book to pass the nights and leaving your mobile phone turned off for days. Switch off and enjoy some quality family time.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Our kitchen opens again Thursday 08.01.2015.

Minus 2

Minus 2

Its only December and we’ve already dipped minus 2 masked in concrete sky. Think Sichuan hot pot, burning chilli sauce and Sinterklaas suntanning under the Sicilian sunshine.  04.12.2014


Gingerbread biscuits

Gingerbread man or Peppernoten? Peppernoten or Gingerbread man? Why not both? The result is far from perfection, some a little too dark… some a little too big. But they taste good! And crunching on the flavour of cinnamon and ginger really bring along the festive feeling of Thanksgiving and Sinterklaas. If you want to have a try, come join us at Story Time in english organised by Intouch Expats. 1030 tomorrow 22.11 at the Centrale Bibliotheek. These sweet treats are complimentary from GreenSparrow. Come support!  And here is the recipe if you are keen to make some peppernoten of your own.


9 degrees

Sunshine breaking out on a wintery autumn day. 9 degrees. Think warm spiced soup, fireplace and watching ‘Mad Men’ till end of day.  06.11.2014



The opportunity came as a question.  A friend wanted to throw a birthday party and asked if we would like to come as guests… or as the caterer.  And not putting off any joy as a guest or joy for work, we said yes and attended the party as both.  Hence back in early October, when the stretched summer was still lingering in the autumn sky, a private dinner buffet for 25 guests were set up in the comfy home of our friend in Hillesgerberg.  The menu started with a tropical Sangria with nibbles, a 8 dishes dinner buffet, an assorted cheese platter and finally coffee and cakes to end the night. More fotos and details from our Facebook.  14.10.2014



Our fabulous newly opened Rotterdam Markthal (by local renown architects MVRDV) is bold, unique, delicious and bear the Sistine Chapel ceiling of your weekly fruit and vege box.  If you have not visit it in person, go now!  Stall variety is largely occupied by artisan traders which is a rare sight in Rotterdam.  But embrace the best of the best  under the literally giant roof without the need of biking around town!

Tea & Social


Tea & Social event held at De Nieuwe Banier on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We had loads of cakes, met new faces while the kids chased around, crafted and enjoyed storytelling. Many thanks to Rebekka and Marta for volunteering and many others for their kind support. Thanks toHester for the fotos and we look forward to the 2nd edition very soon.  More fotos on our Facebook.  15.09.2014

Tea and Social

POSTER 26.08

Designed for Rotterdamers with international background. Pop in with your family, enjoy a cuppa with cakes and make new friends! Hope to see you there. 7.50eur per adult, kids 6 and under free.



As the school holiday in Zuid-Holland officially opens up summer vacation, Greensparrow is taking a break and will resume service September 2nd.  We wish you all a well deserved holiday with lots of sunshine, good read, eating alfresco, fresh seafood and lots of summer fruits.  Have a good one!  26.07.2014



What happens to a road closure that sees a clear-out spot with tons of sand, old and new?  The kids stepped in and took it over as their summer retreat from pitching sand structures to bombing sand balls.  Then the idea sparked and Greensparrow was requested to cater a spontaneous dinner for 30 while the hardworking Dutch boys battle another round at the World Cup.  Read more… …


SAMSARA food sequence from Baraka & Samsara on Vimeo.

Vivid colours, sensitive topics, breathtaking documentary.  Here, the food sequence.  14.05.2014


Hives Dakakker

Meet Wouter Bauman.  He is an adviser at the Environmental Center of Rotterdam who specialises in environmental services focusing on sustainability and a greener lifestyle.  We met up on a slightly overcast Spring afternoon to discuss about the origin and success of the Dakakker.  Standing on top of Het Schieblock, one has a complete sight of a large part of Rotterdam’s city center.  The noise around us was inevitable.  There were echoes of the roaming traffic, the rattling trains squeaking on rusting tracks and frequent jets cruising above.  But what is tranquil about this site is the 800sqm of raw earth and soil currently sprouting the first of Spring with busy bees working about.  Read more… …



Meet Hester Blankestijn.  She is a friend and a professional photographer who also teaches at the SKVR.  Over the course of the last few months, Hester has been acting as our in-house photographer clicking away professional shots at one of our dinner event and most recently spent many hours with us brushing up our photography skills.  Some says a picture can tell a million stories.  And under the guidance of Hester, she had refreshed our minds and help to enhance the stories we want to tell on our weekly dinners shots.  Read more… ..


Wit Aspergus Bacon

We have well entered Spring.  Wooly coat days are over.  Though the sun is pretty much shining bright on most part of March and April so far, the temperature is still at mid 10s; meaning chilly wind and cold fingers.  The flowers made their entry into full blossom, with most gradually falling off creating petal showers and colourful street floors.  Old trees sprouting young greens, the naked branches begin yet another year of vegetating.  Read more…



Our Centraal Station is a massive project that almost took 10 years in the making.  When we moved to Rotterdam back in 2008, the station was a mayhem of multiple construction sites with rubbles, containers, road blocks, detours, exposed services, an array of bear and raw all on display.  This work-in-progress situation lasted for years making the ‘station’ the epic centre of inconvenience to commuters and dwellers; worse during bad weathers.  It didn’t have functional lifts, platforms were small and not to mention the passageway was a terribly cramped former bicycle lane. We were  lucky that we didn’t have to use the station on a daily basis.  But the thought of having to pass through the station to enter the city was nothing to look forward to as the shear size of the site took out so much space creating a nightmare during perk hours.  The long winded construction phrases made the light at the end of the tunnel extremely far.  Its unattractiveness gave a lack of a city identity; something we were not proud of at all.   Read more…


The Last Ice Merchant (El Último Hielero) from Sandy Patch on Vimeo.

A compelling and moving documentary about 67 years old Baltazar Ushca who still mines glacial ice from Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo. His story is touching and almost surreal watching it from this side of the world where ice is nothing but water frozen from the tap. For him, ice is his life and he hopes he will not be the last ice merchant and wishes one of his sons or grandsons will continue this part of his family history. 25.02.2014


Le retour from Natalia Chernysheva on Vimeo.

Grandma’s cooking is the best! 24.02.2014


Fruits porridge

Yes we know getting up on winter weekdays can be difficult.  But a warm oats porridge makes a great start on such mornings. Slice up some fresh fruits, mix with dried ones and top with crunchy nuts. Here we have fresh blood oranges and tiny conference pears from our weekly bio box, dried apricots, raisins, goji berries and cashew nuts (roasted on pan for a nice and dry crunch) from our pantry. Lastly a drizzle of acacia honey for a finish. A delicious beginning for the day!  04.02.2014


Blood Oranges

Seize the blood oranges before its off the season. These bleeding-rich-in-Vitamin-C lovely fruits taste just as sweet as regular oranges but looks more stunning. Slices them thinly or into little cubes and toss into your salad for dinner tonight. Fat free, sodium free, cholesterol free… and stress free!  01.02.2014



111 likes and 11 talking about us.  Thats some great figures we got on our Facebook!  31.01.2014



As the lunar cycle usher in the year of horse today, we wish our families and friends around the world a very healthy and happy Lunar New Year.  Eat well and let the power of wise eating enhance your life.

If the lunar new year fancies you to cook your own home-made asian cuisine, we recommend the following sites for some oriental inspirations.

Bee Yinn at Rasa Malaysia, Marc Matsumoto at No recipes, Savvy Gok at Gok cooks Chinese and Missy Ching at her own website Ching He Huang.



Greensparrow would like to send you – friends, families and clients, a big thanks for supporting us. We also want to send our gratitute to Post Office for a year of support and collaboration. Many thanks to our weekly dinners clients especially a big bear hug to family Mueller-Newton for supporting us for the 3rd year in the row! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year. A good and well rested holiday surrounded by love ones and GOOD FOOD. Our kitchen closes today and reopens 7th Jan 2014.  19.12.2013  (Image by STILL – Mary Jo Hoffman)



Cranberries for late fall/winter. This succulent and acidic fruit is commonly associated with Thanksgiving in the US and Canada, purely also because it is largely grown there. But believe it or not, we have it here in the Netherlands too.We got our pack of fresh cranberries from Vlielandse Cranberry Company and they are fresh and delicious! Make a pot of cranberry sauce to go with heavier scented meat like lamb or beef and its a perfect match. Tip in a bag (340g) of cranberries into a pot along with zest and juice of two oranges, couple of star anises and 150ml of (tawny) port. Let it simmer till thickens and hear the lovely cranberry pop. This will take about 15-20 mins and what you get after this is a shining and deep red sauce. Add sugar to for some sweetness but it should not completely take away the sourness nature of this fruit. A simple way to enjoy this delightful side dish.  16.12.2013



Winter delights – Persimmons (or Sharon Fruit).  This juicy fruit is a cross between a tomato and the hue of an orange. The flesh is sweet with no pits and taste just like cantaloupe/melon. The skin is tough but is easily removed. Persimmons can take some time to ripe so put it together with apples to speed it up a bit.  15.12.2013


Roasted Chestnuts

Winter is the time to get some chestnuts roasting. Cut a shallow cross on its plummy side and pop into a hot oven (200°C) for about 20-30 minutes depending on the size. Peel and enjoy when its warm!  Otherwise, this versatile nut can be treated like any veggie. When cooked, mash with potato or sweet potato . Or dress it on top of a salad. Or add into the stuffing of your roasted Xmas turkey or chicken. Or ground it to powder and mix into chocolate cake mix. Or to make a sauce out of it, just add milk and herbs or spices and you’re get a delicious puree.  11.12.2013


Roasted squash

Winter – Root vegetables taste great but roasting it taste even better! The oven does the job, all we need is to sit down and wait. Whack the oven up to 200ºC, cut the squash into quarters and season with herbs like thyme or rosemary. Drizzle olive oil, add salt and pepper and give it a good rub. Put it in the hot oven for 40-50mins and enjoy it warm.  13.12.2013



Crisp and 3. Winter is here. Think hot chocolate, porridge and anything that can be roasted.  Whack that oven up!  11.12.2013


ASK, the Atmosphere soup kitchen from Steve De Neef on Vimeo.

Can you imagine living and supporting your family in a dumpsite? This is how the people of Dumaguete in the Philippines live by, collecting anything usable from the trash to give it another life and to earn themselves a living. What remind unfortunate is the prospect and health of their children. But thanks to a local funded program which gives them a nutricious meal per day and giving their mothers another means of work and support. “Too often, these children do not have access to one substantial meal a day, which makes it hard to pay attention in school or even go to school if they have to spend that time finding a means to get food.
The success of the program is owed to the mothers of the children who volunteer and run the program, do the daily preparation, serving and clean-up.”  07.11.2013


former NAi

This week The New Institute or Het Nieuwe Instituut (formerly NAi)  officially ‘opens’.  HNI is the one stop institution merging the Netherlands Architecture Institute; Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion; and Virtueel Platform, the e-culture knowledge institute, all onto one ground.  We are very happy and fortunate to be part of their first exhibition’s pre-opening and will be catering a private event exclusively in tune to the exhibition 1:1 Sets for Erwin Olaf & Bekleidung and a retrospective of Richard Hutten at the Sonneveld House.  Stay tune for photographs of the event via our Facebook.  07.11.2013



Mid autumn, first conkers, red foliage, 21° and open-toe shoes. Global warming is giving us some gezellig days at this time of the year.  Have a good one!  22.10.2013

Dalai Lama

BBC’s host meets Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso to discuss about food. His humble interview reviews he enjoyed eating pork during his youth and that even up till today he snacks when he is not supposed to eat. “Even the king, the queen… … the beggar… loves food!” 17.10.2013



We are thrilled to expand our client’s list and include some very nice architects flying in from Winnipeg, Canada, this week. Welcome to Rotterdam!  10.10.2013



Many artists love to have a take with food along with their creative imaginations.  Take for example Dimitri Tsykalov, a Russian artist, picked up his knife and started carving skulls using fresh vegetables and fruits.  The result is somewhat creepy somewhat funny.  One must wonder if he actually got inspired by carving his Halloween pumpkins.  Here is his website and do check out his MEAT series too!  02.10.2013


One Pot Wonder ENG rgb

We are now accepting new subscriptions starting October 1st. Healthy dinners made from local sources and seasonal menu for you (and your family).  Explore our site for more details or give us a ring!  09.09.2013




Let us introduce you to Mimi Thorisson (if you have not heard of her yet). Trained as a journalist, she swapped her city life in Paris and moved into the wine growing country of Médoc, north of Bordeaux, with her family including four very beautiful kids. Her blog Manger is much admired by many with her lovely seasonal recipes and country life stories. Each post is accompanied by fantastically shot pictures taken by her photographer husband making it all in all such a pleasure to read. She is featured on Mr Porter and her cookbook is on its way. Enter her country life, you will love it too!  09.09.2013



It used to be once a season (shockingly dubious). But 5 years later, we have it once every month. Lets hope by the next 5 years we can enjoy Rotterdamse Oogst (Markt) once a week, giving us more possibility to support and eat our local harvest. Support these people behind this hardworking team! Come Sept 21 Sat; Oogst Fest at Heemraadplein and on Sept 22 Sun for a tour in Rhoon.  07.09.2013


Know what you eat RGB


We inaugurate our manifesto as this new school term begins. Educate yourself, teach your children and know what we eat. Love what you eat by understanding what the season gives and enjoy what local harvest we can have. Tune in to our Facebook, like us and learn more about what we eat!  It is now a week more to the beginning of autumn.  Think apples, pears, figs, pumpkins, artichokes, aubergines, oysters etc.  Its a season of a feast.  08.09.2013



Urban farming is getting more and more popular.  It is a great idea to bring greenery and such hands-on skill closer to city dwellers.  In Rotterdam we are blessed with urban farm like Uit je eigen stad which make use of unused harbour land and uses their harvest in their own restaurant and to sell to public. And nearer to the centre we have Dakakkers sprouting above Weena or on a smaller scale is Oogst met mij mee aiming to bring children and neighbours together and learn the skill of farming. International magazine Monocle have been involved with urban projects like this and here is a short film from them showing how other major cities interpret their city-farming ideas.  07.09.2013



Gone is the craze of supermarket find.  Nowadays more and more city dwellers are using ‘old-school’ way to appreciate the food we consume.  It is a phenomenon and trend to explore our curiosity in food (or crafts and skills) with a slow discovering manner.  It is more and all about how the food transform to what it is before it is plated infront of us.  Like these believers from Amsterdam who founded and recently launched Simply Slow.  It is a platform and community that wants to highlight the art of preparing.  In the coming months, they want to explore honey makingbeer brewing and every Sunday of the month there is a get together when they feast to the season.  A great initiative indeed.  14.08.2013



Kids and Pa at the playground. Mum is supposed to bring lunch over in 20 mins. No time and don’t fancy big cooking nor making boterham. But got some regulars in the pantry. Menu will be: super simple summer tomato penne. No skills needed! Mix and pan fried some (cherry) fat tomatoes (plus vines), onions and garlic, chuck in a few canned anchovies, mix into al dente penne, topped with fresh basil and parmigiano (remove tomatoes vines!). Makes a speedy superb mid-day meal.  04.08.2013


Our friendship with POST–OFFICE began at the local playground where I first met Afer and his son Petro some years back.  Some time later with no meetings in-between and while we both subsequently had a daughter, we caught up again discussing about collaborations at a new underground venue under the hofbogen.  Not only did we collaborated for more than one event, our network inter-exchange and we made more friends.  Recently, we sat down with Hans, another member of POST–OFFICE, and talked about how food and architecture comes together within the works of Greensparrow.  It is very flattering to be interviewed.  You can read the interview here.  29.07.2013


We met Petros by chance.  That was back in May when one late afternoon while we were busy preparing and plating up for a canape event at POST–OFFICE.  Petros was invited to join in for the film and food that night.  He was especially early, had some small talks with the organisers and swiftly went clicking away with his camera.  The results were some very well taken photographs of the venue and an interview.  He was very kind to also include some lines about our catering and you can read this article on his blog Hommie visits.  Thank you Petros!  29.07.2013


We tend to eat cold during summer especially when our early July here has been around 30 degrees everyday. We ate a lot of salad, cheeses and bread keeping the stove untouched and also reducing the amount of washing! Such warm weather also remind us greatly of long summer days in Los Angeles dining over a plate of Hiyashi Chuka in Japanese restaurants on Sawtelle Blvd. Those days were filled with satisfying lunches with the cold soy sauce based ramen (egg) noodles topped with strips of ice berg salad, cucumber, fried eggs, ham or crab, sweet savoury tomatoes and garnished with sesame seeds and sesame oil (and sometimes even ice cubes!). It is perhaps also the typical presentation of julienne cuts that we really love. So precise but simple. It turns out with having kids, this dish also score full marks. Very easy to prepare and plated up in no time, this should also be your summer favourite. Get some inspiration from Marc or Nami. Enjoy!  29.07.2013


Its June and its officially summer.  Who has the grill on and who is up for a summer treat?  Lunch Break at POST OFFICE tomorrow is a Cabrio Burger; its organic beef and pork pattie mixed with anchovies, sweet corns, parmigiano, parsley and lemon zest sitting on a bed of salad leaves and van menno sourdough bread.  Topped with dijon mustard and mixed salad with beet root, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes as side.  Come by with 7.50eur handy and enjoy!  03.06.2013


Today we had a successful lunch service under the beaming sun and good random company.  The dish was a May spring power salad served with beet roots, chicory, spicy chorizo, a soft boiled egg on a bed of spinach and eikensalad leaves.  Topped with local Rotterdamse Oude kaas, sesame and sunflowers seeds plus a shallot, mustard and lemon juice dressing and van Menno stokbrood.  It was all smiles and ‘lekker’ compliments!  Completely over the moon!  See picts via POST–OFFICE.  07.05.2013


The afterlife of an Easter egg lampshade – a very cool air balloon!  Thank you once again to kinderen and ouders who made our March Easter workshop fun and a success!  11.05.2013


If only we can eat flowers like patat!


Greensparrow caters ASIAN FUSION borrel
4th May 1900
Vijferhofstraat 100-102
3032 SP R’dam

Part of POST–OFFICE Spring Double Film feature
pairing Wong Kar-wai award winning gem:


12 euro per person
Limited entry only so please email yum@post–office.eu
if you would like to attend


Cafe Loos back in the 1930s.  Situated right where hofplein is now, just before the war flattened it.  More old school images from Mr Jan.  15.04.2013



This Easter Sunday (31.03.13) join GREENSPARROW and POST–OFFICE  for a crafty workshop for the kids.  Entry is 5eur per child (including materials and an omelette!)  Starts from 1100 to 1500 at POST–OFFICE Vijverhofstraat 100, 3032 SP, Rotterdam.  Hope to see you there!

Post Office

Greensparrow caters SUPERFOOD canape
16th March 1900
Vijferhofstraat 100-102
3032 SP

Come enjoy GREENSPARROW superfood canapé that ticks all the boxes with high value healthy dishes.
Think grains, beans, vegetables that gives you mighty energy to last the night.
A list that your mother would be happy to hear including the ‘cognac’ part!

Just 10EUR per person

Sample menu:
Red beets hummus
Pea and mint spread
Salmon and goat cheese tartine
Ricotta and pesto tartine
Barley and cranberries porridge
Quinoa and fresh herbs salad
Soba with ginger and greens
Cognac beef stew with root vegetables

cost: Just 10 euro per person!


16° and raising!  Think alfresco, picnic and BBQ.  Congratulations late-winter, you’ve done very well.  05.03.13


Where the Water Settles from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

In this urban world we live in, it is very easy to forget the extension of ones tradition. A practice that continues more than a millennium regardless how the outside world has changed, regardless what the others says. A lovely video of the Hani clan in Yunnan China of how the people cultivate their rice. 12.02.2013


Julia Child demonstrate her version of boeuf bourguignon from ‘The French Chef’. It is lengthy but worth a watch for her tips to brown meat, deglaze a pan, braise onions and sautéed mushrooms. A hearty stew very suitable for such wintery weather we are having now. Best thing is it can be prepared in advance or cooked in a bigger portion for a cozy weekend at home. 06.02.2013


January passed rather chilling and white.  We had plenty of snow for about 3 weeks, something quite rare for Rotterdam climate.  It came down in a huge load one morning and within a couple hours we had about 4 inches of puff.  Days later with a descending temperature, the canals froze and the Dutch took out their skating gears.  It was very lovely to see this sport suddenly came into light. All ages, all sizes and it gave all sorts of laughter and fun.  Kids loved it.  So did we the foreigners.  The skating scene immediately became an Avercamp painting with the glow of sunshine and long shadows.  All quite lovely.  31.01.2013


Much thanks to the people behind Rotterdamse Oogst, a monthly farmers market will be held every first Saturday at the Noordplein. As usual, you can get the freshest from the local farmers and thats how it should be!  We hope soon this will improve into a bi-monthly or weekly market where we can support our local producers.  01.02.2013


A New York Times article about the not-so-great Dutch ‘cuisine’ that is slowly changing for the better… well for the lucky Amsterdamers.  An interesting read!  17.01.2013


Honestly it looks like a KINFOLK ripped-off.  But as long as its about appreciating good food, well why not?  01.12.2013


The little lady arrived.  And we are pleased to resume our service in January 2013.  See you then and have a great Christmas/New Year break meanwhile!  19.12.2012


We went all clafortis-mad over the last couple months with the abundance of summer fruits.  Clafortis is an amazing simple and delicious French egg and fruit pudding that can be put together in no time and served on the table within an hour.  We tried the recipe from La Tartine Gourmand by Beatrice Peltre which was designed for gluten-free diet.  But the gluten-free flour that she picked can be easily replaced with all purposed flour and the results is still fantastic.  Peltre uses almond flour a lot in her creation (including her Clafortis recipe) and we think this is a very good move as grounded almond gives a subtle sweetness within its own dense content that magically gives a lift to any dessert. Peltre has also a great eye in her food photography.  Do take a look at her very inspiring website.  10.08.2012


Here we are, already into almost mid-August.  Gone are those sweet, firm and juicy cherries.  Nectarines and plums are still in their end glory here in NL but we are already quite sad to see that all its means summer is pretty leaving soon.  If making jam is your kind of thing, do soon before the sweetness of nature beauty will depart soon.  But, apples (and pears) will soon be harvested by the end of this month as fall slowly creeps in.  Thats means a very good time for the Dutch favourite appeltaart, a dessert filled with apple slices or chunks, raisins and rum.  A line of pastry as its base and crust and zero flour mixage at all in the filling.  Its slightly heavier and sweeter than a conventional apple pie but nonetheless quite delicious.  Check this blog recipe out for some inspiration. 10.08.2012


Miette Pastry

Said to be one of SF’s best. Miette is pastry shop that caters little gems for the sweet tooth. We recently bought their first book of the same name. It contains recipes of their creation which proves to be indeed of tiny portions. Most of their cakes are for 15cm mould (which we do not even own one!) But instructions are clear and its great to see how they heighten simple butter or chocolate sponge cakes to lovely presentable desserts. Definitely a must go next time to the Californian coast. But meanwhile will play on these small treats as much as possible! 30.07.2012


June passed by like a breeze. A mild pre-summer breeze. Neither beaming hot nor chilling. That was how vakantie went for us this year. Most part of this family holiday was spent at the German Baltic coast, at the Lubecker Bay to be precise. The basin that dots with ‘strandkorb’ (beach baskets) and supplies daily fresh placie each summer without fail. We were there on time to avoid the summer crowd, enjoyed the end season of beans and peas and the fabulous northern white asparagus, and luckily early enough to feast the beginning of summer berries, cherries and fresh catch everyday. Our daily routine was not complete without lying by the beach, soaking up the sunshine, watching the sails and playing with (like) the kids. Afternoons are experimental time in the kitchen. Fixing quick picnic meals and trying to perfect the simple and easy cherry clafortis and lemon tarts. Missing the good times already and awaiting for the next summer to come, same place as every year. 08.07.2012


Gordon Ramsey Chicken Tikka Masala

We love it spicy, Ramsey style!  04.10.2012


Meadows and more

A delightful documentary about a mother (and her daughter) and a chef experimenting a meadow of plants for the table. Have you eaten dandelions? Do you have a meadow of wild plants? And are you also a forager too? Bon appetite from your own backyard! 21.05.2012


Asparagus are (already) here and don’t miss this delicious soldiers as their season are short, short, short.  Since this Spring hasn’t been that spectacular, expect the seasonal ones to ever last shorter.  Regardless green or white, eat them NOW!  Green ones only need to be washed, woody bottom removed and blanched in boiling salted water for about 5-6 minutes.  For the white ones, peel skin until juicy part can be felt, woody part also removed and blanched in boiling salted water slightly longer than the green ones depending on their thickness.  Then put under running cold water to stop it from cooking.  Great on its own or with butter at side and slices of cold plate.  Here are some recipes for your inspirations: BBCDeliaHairy Bikers and Nigel Slater   Foto and facts from Simply in season  21.05.2012

9 years old

Martha is 9 and she set up a blog to ‘showcase’ what she has for lunch at school everyday.  After recent national awakening for nutritious food for our children (especially from campaigns like Jamie O’s Food revolution), some districts are finally doing their bit to provide more healthy option.  Not sure if Martha’s school is on the track, but check this out to see how shocking what she is getting to last her school day.  Keep up the good work girl!  21.05.2012


La Tartine Gourmande

Just ordered online and hope this doesn’t disappoint. Would be one of our experimental summer cookbook come June by the Baltic Sea. Can’t wait! 21.05.2012


We had a fantastic time at this year’s Queensday street party both at Liskwartier and Hillegersberg-zuid.  The weather was surprisingly sunny; at high 20s and we got to ditch our coat for that very day.  As usual all were dressed in orange and everything else orange as the theme.  The Dutch are big with the flea market practise especially on this day when all kinds of bric-a-brac are put on sale.  Such events are best to get some cheap and used (some can be charming too) toys, bikes and clothing for the little ones.  What is also nice to see are the kids themselves trying to sell and make deals.  Never too early indeed!  Locals and neighbours got out of your homes and pitched something-anything to sell all for the spirit of the Queen’s special day.  We wish there are more family-friendly events like this through-out the year.  Nonetheless it was a fun and lovely day to get out and do some people watching and mingle with familiar faces.  Hup hup lieve Koningin!  14.05.2012

Borough Market London

A friend from London is currently visiting.  Along with other gifts, she bought along a Borough Market newsletter.  Such fond memories recalling this fabulous and large farmers market located beside the London Bridge Station in London Southwark.  Borough Market operates as both a wholesale and retail market.  It opens to the public from Thursday to Saturday with a huge variety of fresh produces and ready-made meals.  Fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meat, cakes and loads more.  The game stall with hanging unskinned games birds is quite spectacular, so is mama’s bubble stall and the brownie tower dessert stand.  Its not just about the food, its about being overwhelmed by the wholesome supply of what nature can give us.  Its about the people that bought them to us and about experiencing a busy, full of energy and colourful market.  Oh its London calling perhaps.  Feet are getting itchy.  Foto © Borough Market SE1  26.03.2012


The all orange day is coming – The Queens day on 30.04.2012. The kind people behind this annual street party in Liskwartier is making it happen again despite no funding from the Gemeente this year.  So be there to support your community!  Start from 1100.  More information visit Liskwartier  23.04.2012

Quick fixes

Sometimes no plans is a good plan for creative cooking.  The best ingredients are last night leftovers or bits and bobs still remaining in the fridge.  Quick fixes are spontaneous and fast.  Best part is that one never get to do exactly the same dishes again.  Here are some fixes that we made over the last couple weeks.  Top left:  Home-made boeren (farmers) omelette with salad.  Omelette was made up with broccoli, tomato and eggs.  Set on brown bread with couple lettuces as salad topped with left over pasta ragout.  Simple and very filling.  The omelette was the only part needing the cooking.  Pasta was ate cold.  Top right: Frittata and leafy greens salad.  Frittata was made up with mushrooms, left over pork slices and paprika.  Mixed together with gouda and cumin kaas.  Leafy greens are mostly veld salad with cucumber, tomato and mozzerella balls.  Bottom left:  Green salad with smoked salmon and egg.  Dark green leaves, tomato and cucumber made up the salad.  Topped with stored bought slices of smoked salmon and a hearty hard boiled egg.  Salad finished off with some micro sprout for a little bitter taste.  Bottom right:  Cold plate with salad.  First a stamp-pot with endive (green part only) as the warm side.  Slices of ham or grilled chicken in this case both easily can be store bought.  Topped with any fruits lying in the pantry and here we had slices red grapes.  A leftover cooked salad composed of endive (white part only) mixed together with some bacon bites.  All fixed within last then 30 mins!  23.04.2012


Beauty by nature

Katja Gruijters is a renown Dutch food designer. Her latest project “mooi van nature” (beauty by nature) explores a new way of human perception in order to achieve a zero waste lifestyle. She believes that nature and food should function as a full cycle and operates towards less waste and maintain a sustainable life with better tasting food. She currently gives workshop and lectures about this idea. Check out her website and this film about her spreading this message to a group of young people in Madrid. 16.04.2012


Click here if you want to find out the top 50 food websites (put together by The Independent UK) that could be of a helping hand in your kitchen today. Some are indeed resourceful!  16.04.2012


Dumpster Diver

This is about how waste can be someone else’s dinner. Supermarket chains regardless organic or not tend to reject food that either does not look perfect or missing expiration dates. Or sometimes just a day expired which we normally would not buy. Meet this dumpster diver who collects these ‘waste’ to feed his family. 16.04.2012


Enjoy every sandwich

The words “living each day as if it were your last” are common to hear. But do we truly practise so or does it only dawn to us when we know the end is coming. This is a true story about a doctor witnessing his own last days while embracing all the positivities life gives him starting from appreciating a sandwich. It is very touching.  Grab a tissue. 10.04.2012


Happy Good Friday!  The sunshine returns and its a promising start for this long weekend, the first bank holiday since New Year’s day.  Phew its been a long wait.  And the bunnies are everywhere… bunny chocolate, bunny bread, bunny eggs…  Have a good one indeed!  06.04.2012  Foto © Pinterest


Chocolate Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Poached Lemon

Easter is almost here!  Are you having a party this weekend while keeping the kids busy searching for eggs?  Here is a fantastically easy recipe to create some quick canapes for your guests.  Its Blinis!  A mini pancake usually thought to be French.  But its not, its Russians and traditional made with buckwheat flour topped with roe or caviar.  It is very simple to make, does not involve the oven (save energy!) and oh so pretty.  Here is how Chef Fred Ponnavoy does it and lov-zeh-dat-azzent. 02.04.2012


Have you heard of the infamous Échiré butter from western France?  It is said to be the best and most expensive butter at around EUR15 for a 250g tub.  What makes it the best is its outstandingly light and creamy taste some says.  The milk comes from the region just 50km around village Échiré hence of the same environment, climate and grazing grass.   Its production is entirely handmade and has been around for a century along with their successful fully co-operative business.  It is so famous worldwide that there is a shop in Maison du Beurre in Tokyo that only sells this butter and pastry made from it.  If you know where we can get hold of this queen of butter in Rotterdam, let us know!  Foto © Christoph Kirschbaum  26.03.2012


Kinfolk Magazine: Issue 2 from Kinfolk (kinfolk.com) on Vimeo.

The people behind KINFOLK just has the right idea. In fact how the whole team comes together is also quite admirable.  These are a group of artists and designers who create dining gatherings. A great ‘come dine with me’ manifesto.  Food is served local and you get to meet like-minded people and make new friends.  They are now touring so take a look at their website and there might be a dinner invite very near you. Otherwise it is a treat itself to view the lovely films they make or even subsribe to their journals. Visit KINFOLK   11.03.12

A quick fix


No time to fix dinner tonight and not craving pizza?  What we normally do to get the most nutritious quick fix is to pick up a smoked mackerel (or fillets) from Mr AH, reheat in oven skin side up and prepare a any-veggie-could -work stir fry as side.  Served with some rice and all done within 30 minutes. Just did this as the in-laws in town so a snell treat is much needed.  So easy and foolproof so have a try next time!  09.03.12


Land-art artist Jim Devenan has a dining hobby.  He loves to get together like-minded people and dine outdoor with menu all from local sources.  This hobby called outstanding in the field has turned rather national and for years he and his crew has been doing road-trips around the USA sharing this unique dining experience.  The food is designed and cooked by local chefs.  Ingredients are all locally sourced and the menu reflects the season.  Interested diners booked their seat via Devenan’s website and turned up with their own dishes and cutlery to enjoy some good food and make new friends.  This year outstanding in the field went international.  They were in Europe and had a cook off at the rarely opened De Bilt in Vollenhoven Netherlands.  Were you there?  Foto © Jim Devenan 07.11.11

Gone Fishing

Due to relocation (new home; new kitchen!) and a visit back home to Singapore for the Chinese New Year, we will be closed between week 51 (Dec 21) 2011 until week 10 (March 5) 2012. We hereby thank all our clients for your kind support and look forward to more mouth-watering dinners next year.  Cheers to all you dear (non) Dutch people!  Foto tshoon  15.12.2011


Happy Sinterklaas!  We had a wonderful celebration with friends and their families last night.  Plenty of pepernoten and chocolate letters to last a while and ever a surprise visit from Sinterklaas himself.  He left our child crying but also left behind loads of joy for the night.  Thank you Sinterklaas and his blacky Piets for coming.  December will never be the same anymore with Sinterklaas plus Christmas with the good food and company.  Dank U Wel, Allemal!  05.12.11


We need bottles!

Between 10 – 15cm high, width doesn’t matter.  If you have any unused glass bottles and wouldn’t mind donating to us – let us know! info@greensparrow.nl  07.11.11

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts with pancetta

Those lovely little cabbages are here – Brussels sprouts it is. When we think of these sprouts, we think of thanksgiving, the arrival of winter and Christmas finally. Packed with vitamins and iron, Brussels sprouts can be easily blanched after trimming. Tossed with some pancetta or bacon and Waa-laah.  02.11.11


Jamie Oliver – Perfect Steak

MEAT! STEAK!! Watch this JO demo and you wouldn’t get wrong – its a steak crash course and all so simple. Just make sure your pan is hot hot hot, hood’s fan is on, rest your meat well and enjoy!  01.11.11


A private catering for a lovely boy, C’s baptism.  The mid afternoon autumn menu was roasted pumpkin soup with melting komijn kaas or Thai spicy coconut pumpkin soup to start, followed by a beet and onion quiche served with salad.  To end is a trio of desserts, brownie with plum coulis, a Victoria sponge cake and a walnut carrot cake.  It was a delight for us to offer catering at private events.  Plain joy to be part of our guest’s celebratory event and at the same time providing nourishing meals and sweet treats.  A win-win situation!  31.10.2011