Meet Hester Blankestijn.  She is a friend and a professional photographer who also teaches at the SKVR.  Over the course of the last few months, Hester has been acting as our in-house photographer clicking away professional shots at one of our dinner event and most recently spent many hours with us brushing up our photography skills.  Some says a picture can tell a million stories. And under the guidance of Hester, she had refreshed our mind and help to enhance the stories we want to tell on our weekly dinners shots.


Rosemary Tarragon herbs

Left: Rosemary, right: Tarragon

We met up again some weeks back just when Spring arrived.  We gave ourselves an assignment which turned out to be photographing herbs, fruits and plants.  A trip was made to the Blaak market where baby potted herbs and bright-coloured fruits were bought. Back at GS’s home base, we set up a temporary shooting studio with Hester’s equipments, our props and food.

Asparagus One Pot

Left: Green asparagus, right: Week 16 Salmon & Asparagus One pot weekly dinner

What eventually emerged between us were some very interesting still life shoots.  The items were simply laid on our grey wooden cutting board.  Hester put up her lighting equipments.  It was a straightforward session.  We styled, she shot.  Many laughters and chatting after, we saw these items came to life thru her lenses.  The natural hues and details of the food and the rawness of the board behind were all carefully captured.  The colours popped out and it is as if you can smell it too.  Then and again, Hester questioned why we wanted the settings on our camera.  A few Q&A between us and she highlighted tips and reasons between effects and technique.  Hester is indeed a very patience teacher (well of course; she has 10 years of professional and teaching experience behind her back!) which really put us at ease and made this form of skills exchange such a pleasure to do.

Chestnuts Physalis

 Left: Physalis, right: Horse chestnut buds

Thank you Hester for your precious time.  And many thanks for hauling all your heavy equipments to our place on your bicycle!  We welcome for a next collaboration!  Read also Hester’s recent interview with the SKVR.  29.04.2014



Hester Hester at work



In 2018, we launched our new identity and website as studio pw/.  Come visit!



A group of faithful friends and families got together for a retrospective exhibition of late artist, David Paans. We plated up a simple grazing buffet to accompany the artist’s colourful work, a trio band and a very positive vibe. More pictures via our FB. 19.11.2017



A seasonal food still life project we’ve been working on for years. Its a continuing cycle that showcase our reinterpretation of the Old Masters. This autumn version also includes the wining pose of Nike the canary bird, couple of cross spiders, an aging bottle of Tia Maria and a stack of forgotten good reads. Much fun in co-operation with Hester Blankestijn.  Also check out our other still life attempts via Hester’s website. 01.11.2017

The flaneurs


A custom dinner for host OMI Rotterdam who threw a network invitation for Flaneur Magazine from Berlin, in tune to the festive ZigZagCity in June. This event is brought together by OMI Rotterdam, Het Nieuwe Instituut and Goethe-Institut Niederlande.  Take a look at our Facebook page for more impressions.  09.05.2017

Kaapse Kitchen


Its been a year since we have immersed ourselves as part of Kaapse Brouwers cooking out regularly at The Kaapse Kitchen in Fenix Food Factory.  We thank our growing team for their consistent hard work and laughter and engagment sailing along this steep learning curve.  If you are curious about what we are serving, come by this year during week 27 (04-09 July), week 39 (26 Sept – 01 Oct), week 43 (24-29 Oct) and/or week 47 (21-26 Nov) and have a taste.  We do our best to source our ingredients locally, presenting our seasonal flair and bringing in nutricious platters as organic as possible.  Here are more impressions of our last few involvement.  22.06.2017



From 10th-15th of May, we’ve been invited to cook at The Kaapse Kitchen in Fenix Food Factory in Katendrecht.  For almost one whole week, you can come and enjoy our Spring’s menu which includes asparagus, rhubarb, broad beans, lamb and all the seasonal goodness.  Don’t miss it, come support us!  30.04.2016



A painting, a photograph.  The only entity that can capture a timed moment that carries much significance of its subjects.  The Old Masters did it with flair and exclusivity.  We remake, reinterpret and intervene and it continues.  Bringing what defines a season onto a print, onto a flat exposure.  Work in progress, thoughts brewing and more to slowly come. In collaboration with Hester Blankestijn. 15.09.2015