Kaapse Kitchen


Its been a year since we have immersed ourselves as part of Kaapse Brouwers cooking out regularly at The Kaapse Kitchen in Fenix Food Factory.  We thank our growing team for their consistent hard work and laughter and engagment sailing along this steep learning curve.  If you are curious about what we are serving, come by this year during week 27 (04-09 July), week 39 (26 Sept – 01 Oct), week 43 (24-29 Oct) and/or week 47 (21-26 Nov) and have a taste.  We do our best to source our ingredients locally, presenting our seasonal flair and bringing in nutricious platters as organic as possible.  Here are more impressions of our last few involvement.  22.06.2017

The flaneurs


A custom dinner for host OMI Rotterdam who threw a network invitation for Flaneur Magazine from Berlin, in tune to the festive ZigZagCity in June. This event is brought together by OMI Rotterdam, Het Nieuwe Instituut and Goethe-Institut Niederlande.  Take a look at our Facebook page for more impressions.  09.05.2017



This is what we will be serving at The Kaapse Kitchen inside Fenix Food Factory in May.  We will be cooking for a week serving up a special spring menu from 10-15 May. Come visit!  28.03.2016



Lunch with Jane Jacobs and a nice bunch from TSI  (The Social Innovation Foundation), meeting and dining at Stipo. More fotos via our FB.  11.01.2016



Glad to be of Stipo‘s service for their new program 40,48. We served up an inauguration dinner party for 40 guests earlier this week.  More fotos via our FB.  08.01.2016



Catering for ourselves. Opening day borrel for an exhibition our other half The Saloon organised for the ZOHO (Zomerhofkwatier) in Noord. Exhibition is in Zoholab and will end 29.01.2016.  More fotos via our FB.  29.12.2016



A selection of freshly home-made fare served up some lucky VIPs at the recent Xmas Brunch at Het Nieuwe Instituut. We created a wintery soup of parsnip and chestnuts, a colourful rice pudding with persimmon smoothie topped with yogurt and passion fruit and also a couple of eye-catching cinnamon swirl bread, freshly rolled out for this event. Other goodies included waffles and puff pastries from Spirit, English muffins from Miss Coco/Bluebird that we combined with sweet jams and a savoury option of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Last but not less were wholesome delicious steak and guiness pie from Thomas of www.allesgout.nl.  More fotos via our FB.  18.12.2015



Winter chill with good company. The monthly ZOHO Lunch in January brought in a fine atmosphere and a lekker midday meal.  We’re serving this community lunch every last Tuesday of the month in Zoholab, rain or shine.  The menu is always seasonal, fresh and delicious without fail.  Till next time.  More fotos here.  01.02.2016



Earlier this week, we catered a dinner for Gemeente R’dam Jeugdbeleid (youth sector) here in ZOHO. The dinner was part of the annual Noord’s Wijktour (neighbourhood tour) organised for the youth sector’s social organisations and workers based in here. We served an array of healthy and filling dishes includes quiches, pies, tarts, soups, cheese platter and a two meters autumn fresh greens and fruits salad bar.  More fotos via our FB.  29.11.2015



We recenlty plated up a borrel for Stichting Buurtsuper who reached a milestone with their social and spacial youth project on Teilingerstraat in ZOHO. It was a brilliant idea to bring in turf and set up an outdoor borrel. But our weather God chose not to cooperate casting 90km/hr wind and rain. So the table of delight literally had to be moved inside for some shelter and warmth. To our surprise the spontanoeous stunning mirror setting inside Hostel Mafkees was equally a surprise as the unmerciful stormy skies outside. Another unpredicted but unique experience indeed.  More fotos via our FB.  15.11.2015



Once a month in ZOHO, we plate up a self-serve open lunch for the creative professionals based in the district.  Also open to the public, this lunch break happens on every last Tuesday of the month in ZOHO Lab.  11.11.2015



Our Portable High Tea landed on the hands of almost 100 innovative women who gathered this afternoon at BIRD for De Nieuwe Rotterdamse Vrouwenraad and their workshop ‘Baas in eigen stad’. We served a total of 13 hand-made sweet treats from Miss CocoRound & Round Rotterdam and ourGreensparrow own kitchen. The food and presentation awarded lots of compliments, big smiles and thumbs up. Many thanks to our client Diana van Dijk who made this adventure very memorable.  More fotos via our FB.  05.11.2015



What a day!  We are completely exhausted but it is all worth it.  Here are the pictures to our last event De Schattentocht and The Portable Hightea during the annual Open Zoho event in Zoho.  30.08.2015



Our initiative The Saloon has gather together 5 local artisan bakers, patisseur and designers for the annual Open Zoho event happening this Friday 28.08.2015 in Noord.  They are Miss Coco, Jeroen Bakt Brood, Foodcurators, Urban Bakery and Round & Round.  If you like high tea, try this portable version where you can take it away while touring around the open house programs.  Come join in for the fun from 1500 till 2300.  27.08.2015



The annual Open ZOHO event is coming very soon.  We have submitted a proposal aims for kids entitled ‘The Treasure Walk’ using donated artwork from Kunstgebouw.  Looking forward executing this idea to the public.  Fingers crossed.  05.07.2015


Poster June

And he repeats, “So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.”  See you at the next Zoho Lunch.



A borrel for 50 guests celebrating the opening of Zoho first park let. We were pleased to be part of it along with a presentation of fresh fruits and vegetables palette which went down really well with the free flow of prosecco.  More fotos via The Saloon.  19.05.2015

Zoho Lunch


The first Zoho Lunch held earlier this afternoon at Het Gele Gebouw. Part of The Saloon’s concept, a lunch event to bring together like-minded creative professionals for a nutritious treat, catch up with a film (Werk t Buurt -activites of Zoho) and meet new peers.  See our FB for more photographs.  21.04.2015


80 Artichokes

It was what we needed. A summer-like Spring day for a celebratory event; a first communion for two young teenagers. Guests arrived from church with a curious belly. Many dishes were served from the kitchen directly to a delighted diner’s mouth before we could plate up a presentation. We worked through the crowd of glasses clinking, contagious laughter and the sun blasting positive rays of joy inside. The younger ones raided the festive atmosphere and menu with much enthusiasm and examination. The elder ones plated up a complete meal one after another.

For Spring brings many new beginings, it also inspired new ideas to the menu. We served to the 80 invited guests: artichokes with butter and parmesan sauce, fava bean and mint soup with smoked sausages, roasted green and white asparagus, roasted salmon with salsa verde, pulled pork with coleslaw, wild and basmati rice, fresh salads, quiche lorraine and red beet tarts.

Many thanks to Gergő for the lovely photos.  16.04.2015



Save the date- 21.04.2015  Tuesday 12-1400.  Greensparrow in transition as The Saloon is hosting a ZoHo Lunch at Het Gele Gebouw in collaboration with STIPO.  09.04.2015

Tea & Social


Back at De Nieuwe Banier with a batch of international Rotterdamers enjoying a long coffee break while the kids get creative with crafts and burn off some steam. Menu included homemade savoury tarts and quiches, sweet treats… and from Urban Bakery – their fantastic paasstol.  More pictures from our FB.  29.03.2015


Poster OJ



A quiche-salad-sandwich office lunch at Het Gele Gebouw today. We also made a presentation to the tenants about the ideas behind The Saloon, a proposed cafe on the ground floor which aims to integrate ZOHO creative professionals. Many thanks to STIPO.  17.03.2015



A group of 25 architects got together for a private dinner after a recent trip to San Francisco USA. Greensparrow is thrilled to serve a 4 course meal in an elegant and modern residence in Kralingen.  See more photos from our FB page.  25.01.2015



The opportunity came as a question.  A friend wanted to throw a birthday party and asked if we would like to come as guests… or as the caterer.  And not putting off any joy as a guest or joy for work, we said yes and attended the party as both.  Hence back in early October, when the stretched summer was still lingering in the autumn sky, a private dinner buffet for 25 guests were set up in the comfy home of our friend in Hillesgerberg.  The menu started with a tropical Sangria with nibbles, a 8 dishes dinner buffet, an assorted cheese platter and finally coffee and cakes to end the night. More fotos and details from our Facebook.  14.10.2014

Tea & Social


Tea & Social event held at De Nieuwe Banier on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We had loads of cakes, met new faces while the kids chased around, crafted and enjoyed storytelling. Many thanks to Rebekka and Marta for volunteering and many others for their kind support. Thanks toHester for the fotos and we look forward to the 2nd edition very soon.  More fotos on our Facebook.  15.09.2014

Tea and Social

POSTER 26.08

Designed for Rotterdamers with international background. Pop in with your family, enjoy a cuppa with cakes and make new friends! Hope to see you there. 7.50eur per adult, kids 6 and under free.



What happens to a road closure that sees a clear-out spot with tons of sand, old and new?  The kids stepped in and took it over as their summer retreat from pitching sand structures to bombing sand balls.  Then the idea sparked and Greensparrow was requested to cater a spontaneous dinner for 30 while the hardworking Dutch boys battle another round at the World Cup.  Read more… …

New Year’s dinner


The New Institute kick-started our first private dinner event for 2014. The dinner was held at their lovely-spaced reading room and the 25 guests dined in with a 3 course winter meal with a jolly gezellig New Year’s spirit.

First course was a parma ham and melon platter, served with rocket mix, garnished with honey. The vegetarians had a shiitake mushrooms, kale and goat cheese tart, served with a rocket and sprout greens along with balsamic reduction sauce and fresh parsley oil. Main course was a slow-cooked boeuf-steak bourguignon, served with samphire, red cabbage and squash with maple syrup puree. The vegetarians received a beetroot barley orzotto, served with roasted parsnips and carrots on red chard leaves and goji berries. Dessert for all was a cheese platter complete with sweets treats, nuts and bon bons.

We send our gratitude to The New Institute for patronising us again and many thanks especially to Vera van de Nieuwenhof and Jacqueline Stolmeijer-Arends for their support. Big thanks to also our team of servers who’s hard work made this happened. And last but not least, we would like to thank photographer Hester Blankestijn for snapping away fantastic shots.  14.01.2014



The New Institute (formerly Netherlands Architecture Institute) organized a dinner for members of their ‘Circle’ (external support) group in tune to the opening of the renewed institution, Floris Vos’ exhibition ‘1:1 Set for Erwin Olaf & Bekleidung‘ and Richard Hutten’s ‘Playing with tradition‘ at the Huis Sonneveld. Greensparrow was selected as the caterer of the night with canape to start followed by a 3 course meal.

First course was a Beetroot stacks with goat cheese, walnuts and poached quinces. Main was a slow-cooked Lamb Shanks served with parsnip puree and cranberry & port compote. Vegetarian got a Roasted pumpkin platter, topped with parsnip puree, black lentils, seared shiitake and poached quail egg with field salad and roasted tomatoes at side. Dessert was mostly THE fantastic creation from Miss Coco cupcakes and Urban Bakery. Cheeses were from our favourite,Vermeyden. Freshly roasted chestnuts are from Bio Aan Huis. Our butcher is none other than Theo Prank from De Groene weg. Seasonal vegeables and fruits were mainly from the Hoeksche Ward and Groene Hart. All in all a Rotterdam (and region) sourced dinner!

The night ended with all smiles and empty plates. We want to thank whole-heartly to the people at The New Institute especially May Yan van Ham, Madeline Mans and the new director Guus Beumer. Last but not least, big thanks to our lovely and hardworking servers.  More pictures via our facebook.  16.11.2013



The Canada Council for the Arts awarded 5468796 Architecture the Professional Prix de Rome prize for their project Table for 12. They landed in Rotterdam recently to continue their mission setting up informal conversations about architecture over dinner. On Sunday Oct 13, we realized an amazing night catering a 3 course meal for them and to many Dutch/Rotterdam’s architecture elites.  More pictures via our facebook.



We are thrilled to expand our client’s list and include some very nice architects flying in from Winnipeg, Canada, this week. Welcome to Rotterdam!  10.10.2013


At first it was just an idea over coffee.  Then time flew by and we now have managed to organise many Tuesdays Lunch Break we are so glad we did.  Come August, we take a small summer pause but will return in September with the last of the series.  Check it for further notice or with POST–OFFICE, we promised the menu will be more fun and interesting!  Back at the hofbogen in a bit!  29.07.2013


Another fantastic night at the POST–OFFICE.  The theme of this canapé was Asian fusion pairing the sublime and moving film by Wong Kar Wai, In the mood of love.  Before guests wind down with their genmaicha and the colourful movie, a six dishes canapé were served, including both ‘cold teasers’ and ‘meat warmer’.  More pictures on our FACEBOOK page.  06.05.2013


On May 7th, Greensparrow will be launching lunch service at POST–OFFICE for the diverse Agniesebuurt community.  We will provide seasonal and home-made wonders while you sit down and enjoy simple nutritious dishes.  This service will run from May to September on every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month starting 1200 to 1400.  At only 7.50eur, you simply cannot miss it. POST–OFFICE is at Vijferhofstraat 100-102 3032 SP, under De Hofbogen.  See you there!  01.05.13


We gave peas a chance; and they gave us a chance.  Thank you for the great night and we look forward for more collaborations in the future.  More pictures via our Facebook.