Wk 17/2015

Asparagus Kedegree

A Spring Kedegree is on the menu today.  Ingredients are whole white asparagus roasted under the hot grill with salt, pepper and olive oil along with big chunks of smoked mackerel fillets, peas and hard boiled egg.  The filling base is buttery safforn basmati rice, full of fragrance and flavour.  Enjoy in big mouthful.  Allow Spring explore your tastebuds as the weather continues to warm up.  23.04.2015

Wk 16/2015

Asparagus spinach pork

Asparagus in the menu again. This week we are serving a Green Asparagus, Wild Spinach, Lean Ground Pork with little Pearl Onions. The dish is simple to put together; cooked with dry white wine till vegetables are tender and at end a generous dash of dark soy sauce. A flavourful mix of East and West, served with basmati rice on this gorgeous Spring day. Enjoy!  16.04.2015

Wk 15/2015

Spring Peas Soup

In Spring, think green. A Spring peas soup for this week. Fresh fava beans and snap peas are meticulously shelled, cooked with potatoes, garlic and onions for a flavourful base. Blended together with vegetable stock then loosened and retouched with dollop of kwark for some freshness. Topped with mint and served with a fresh baguette. Enjoy this, enjoy Spring.  09.04.2015

Week 13/2015


Beat this chilly week with a fantastic Spring vegetarian curry.  Week 13 dinner of the week is a Fava beans (tuinbonen), purple sprouting broccoli, snow peas and sweet potato curry.  The rich flavour of this curry is a mixture of fresh ginger, shallots and onions with spices like cumin, turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, chilli and the unformidable helping of coconut milk.  Not forgetting a little sweetness in the pool of spices with ingredients like sweet potato and goji berries.  Enjoy it with steamy basmati rice.  Welcome Spring in a bowl (minus the rain!).  25.03.2015

Week 12/2015

Asparagus Quiche

Spring is so close.  And before it enters in all glory, the dinner of this week brings in the ultimate teaser – the white asparagus.  Enjoy a white asparagus, smoked salmon and dill quiche; a full-bodied flavour dish mixing the savoury salmon and refreshing white asparagus with herby dill balancing the richness at the same time.  Best eaten at room temperature and served with a quinoa, mixed green leafs and orange slices salad.  18.03.2015

Week 11/2015

Pumpkin Saffron Carrot Soup

Enjoy the best of pumpkins as it slowly reach its tail end of the season. Week 11 dinner of the week is a Pumpkin, Carrot and Saffron Soup, an easy recipe cooking and blending chunks of pumpkins and carrots simmered in vegetable stock with a generous pinch of saffron which adds a sweet and fragrant touch to the rich soup. Garnish with creme fraiche, pumpkin and linseeds. At side is (not in foto) a ricotta cheese and apple slices tartine to go with toasted baguette. Its winter on a plate while spring warms up outside; best!  10.03.2015

Week 10/2015

Asparagus Kip Pilaf

A mouthful of Spring as the temperature slowly warms up. Week 10 dinner of the week is a Roasted Green Asparagus, Mushrooms and Chicken Pilaf rice. This meal is a combination of buttered chestnut mushrooms cooked on pan, sauté chicken thighs in chunks, green asparagus roasted with olive oil and basmatic pilaf rice prepared with leeks, shallots and cinnamon. Garnished the rice dish with asparagus on top and a generous shaving of parmesan cheese. Light and simple – best it draws the much awaiting warmer season closer. Enjoy!  05.03.2015

Week 06/2015

Beef Goulash

This week we are serving a classic Beef Goulash accompanied with carrots,  parsnips and palmkale (palmkool).  The broth is thick with a mix of tomatoes and beef stock and a generous amout of paprika powder added.  Simmered for almost three hours this is a perfect winter warmer.  Served with agria potatoes and enjoy it all!  05.02.2015

Week 04/2015

Beef Patties Savoy Broth

Week 4 dinner of the week is a Minced Patties cooked with shredded Savoy cabbage.  The wholesome patties is a mixture of lean beef and pork, anchovies, parmesan cheese, parsley, lemon zest and breadcrumb.  Cooked in a nice clear home-made chicken broth with crunchy savoy cabbage and goji berries and served with basmati rice.  Simple and delicious.  Enjoy. 22.01.2015

Week 03/2015

Pork Root Vege Stew

When a winter stew gets all muddy and sparkling to start with, it ought to be a good one.  Week 3 dinner of the week is a Braised Pork and Root Vegetables stew.  This wholesome one-pot comfort number is cooked with parsnip, carrots, salsify (schorseneer), Elstar apples, Agria potatoes with pork shoulder bathed in hot oven with chicken stock and apple cider.  A winner.  Enjoy!  15.01.2015

wk 51/2014

Duck & Persimmons

Week 51 dish of the week for our lovely clients is Roasted Duck Legs served with a watercress salad and persimmon (Kaki fruit) chutney. This whole ensemble is using the winter fruit, persimmon, and preparing in 3 different ways. It is roasted along with duck legs seasoned with five spice, star anises and cinnamon; sliced in quarters resting at the bottom with orange juice and soy sauce and bathing in the hot oven for 2 hours. And as a chutney, cubed persimmons are cooked till soft with elstar apples, blue thompson raisins, honey, apple cider vinegar, sugar and fresh ginger. Finally a fresh salad to go with this sumptuous dish – a watercress, kale, steamed chestnuts and cubed persimmons, served with an orange and lemon juice vinaigrette. Fresh as always and do enjoy it all!  15.12.2014

wk 50/2014

Beef stew

A beef winter stew is week 50 dish of the week.  This savoury beef chunks and briskets stew is slow cooked stew with cumin, corinader and cinnamon powder.  It is bathed in the oven heat with onions, garlic and stock for 3 long hours.  Meanwhile roasting at the side are parsnips and carrots which are later tossed into the stew at end to keep a nice bite and roasted sweetness.  Served with buttered couscous with generous handful of chopped mint.  Enjoy! 09.12.2014

wk 48/2014

Pork and Red Cabbage

Red cabbage – a comforting and familiar winter vegetable.  And as we slowly welcome winter with the decreasing temperature and chilly wind, how about a traditional braised red cabbage for dinner this week?  Week 48 dish of the week is a Braised Red Cabbage and Pork Stew.  To slow braise the red cabbage, it is first slice thinly and put into a large pot with cubes of peeled Elstar apples.  Toss in nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves and top the vegetables with red wine vinegar and cubes of butter.  Let the mix sit inside the oven for a good 2 hours and allow the ingredients to cook till moist and soft.  Meanwhile chunks of pork shoulders are pan fried till brown on all sides in a Dutch oven.  Then onions are added with bay leaves, fresh thyme and chicken stock put in.  Allow pork to cook in oven for about 1.5 hours.  When all done, serve tender and delicious pork on top of a plate of rich ruby red cabbage.  Enjoy with basmati rice and keep your belly and soul warm with this!  27.11.2014

wk 47/2014

Squash Quinoa Salad

This one is a winner.  Week 47 dinner of the week is a Roasted Butternut Squash, Kale and Quinoa salad.  Butternut squash is first peeled and chopped into cubes, tossed with olive oil, salt, nutmeg and cinnamon powder.  Side aside and put into the hot oven once it reaches 200 degrees for a good 30-40 minutes.  Let quinoa cook (1:2 ratio, quinoa:liquid) in stock or water for about 15 minutes till done.  Meanwhile pan fried some bacon strips until slightly crispy and brown.  Once done, remove from pan but leave in a wee-bit of its remaining fat. Chopped up kale and garlic and cook it with the remaining bacon fat with a splash of white wine or chicken stock.  When almost done, toss in some goji berries and cooked quinoa.  To finish up, combine roasted butternut squash and the kale and quinoa mix.  At end, it is dressed with a lemon-maple syrup vinaigrette and garnish with bacon, pumpkin seeds and juicy pomegranate seeds.  Thats your 2 out of 5 veg per day sorted belly-in with nutritious nutty quinoa.  A warm salad for a chilly day like this.  Enjoy!  20.11.2014

wk 46/2014

Kip en Squash

This week we are serving a Chicken and Butternut squash one pot wonder.  Chicken thighs (bone left intact to keep its flavour) are first coated with flour and pan fried with coconut oil till brown in a Dutch oven.  Just a few minutes all sides for a good appetizing colour.  Then set them aside and slice up onions, shallots and garlic and add them into the same pot with the remaining fat.  Just as they are sizzling, pour in some white wine and cook till it is evaporated.  Then toss in fresh thyme, cubes of carrots and butternut squash and cover the vegetables with wholesome chicken stock.  Let this boil and then simmer for about 30 minutes before you add in few tablespoon of creme fraise to thicken up the sauce.  Finally add in the browned chicken thighs for another final 30 minutes.  Slow-cooked with love.  This dish with its simple ingredients is garnished with parsley and served with buttered couscous.  Enjoy it all!  11.11.2014

wk 45/2014

Pumpkin soup en cake

To make full use of the autumn delights, its a double pumpkin menu week.  For main we are serving a creamy and silky pumpkin and lentil soup.  And for dessert it is a moist and rich spiced pumpkin cake.  The soup starts with chopping up garlic, onions, shallots and cooked in a large pot till tender.  On the side is pumpkin peeled and cut into cubes; mixed into pot with vegetable stock, red lentils, bay leaves and fresh thyme.  When all veggies are done, whisked it up till no bits are found and then add in creme fraiche to bring this savoury dish a milky lift.  Enjoy this with some cheesy pumpkin rolls.  For something sweet to end your meal, enjoy slices of pumpkin cake baked with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon powder.  Eet smakelijk!  06.11.2014

wk 44/2014

Beef pear prune stew

This week we are serving a hearty and fruity stew fit for this time of the year.  It is a beef, pear and prunes stew, savoury and sweet – a dinner the kids would enjoy too.  Beef chunk and brisket are sliced into big cubes and put into a hot sizzling Dutch oven to brown.  Meanwhile at the side garlic and onions are sliced up and then tossed into the empty Dutch oven after the meat are all charred.  Once onions aroma is set off, put in all the beef cubes and add in beef or chicken stock, enough to just cover all the ingredients and not forgetting bay leaves and fresh thymes.  Allow a good hour to pass before cubes of carrots and an inch long leeks are added in.  Let the stew cook on for another hour and a half.  Depending on the ripeness of pears (conference pears in this case), add in quartered and peeled pears into the stew towards the last 20-35 minutes.  Finally pitted prunes are mixed in for its sweetness and to enhance the dish.  Its a wholesome dinner.  Enjoy it with basmati rice.  Delicious!  28.11.2014

Wk 42/2014

Pumpking coconut soup

Feeling a cold coming on?  Then this week’s menu is sure to help keep it at bay.  It’s a Spaghetti pumpkin, Coconut and Lentils soup spiced with loads of fresh ginger.  To make a full bodied base for the soup, first chopped up garlic, shallots, onions, leeks and couple of potatoes.  Let these vegetables cooked in coconut oil till tender and add in coconut milk and vegetable stock to simmer further.  Meanwhile chop up the spaghetti pumpkin and prepare shavings of fresh ginger (about two good thumbsize) and add in green lentils and cook all till just tender. When ready, puree it and taste to decide if ginger’s umphh is enough.  We like it sharp and spicy but not too overwhelming for the kids.  If you wish you can add some chilli or cayenne powder to give it more heat.  Garnish with generous sprinkle of fresh coriander and pumpkin seeds.  Enjoy it with bread at side.  Lekker!  16.10.2014

Wk 41/2014

Pumpkin en pork stew

Autumn is officially here with the chill breeze, shorter daylight and the sight of pumpkins at the market.  Hence this week’s menu is a Pumpkin stew cooked with pork shoulders, french beans and crunchy potatoes.  Pork shoulder are first sliced in cubes and brown on pan.  On the side little Cinderella pumpkins are sliced to quarter while Hoeksche Rooie potatoes are peeled and cut.  Sliced shallots and onions along with minced garlic are cooked in Dutch oven till just tender.  When the pork is all browned, it is tossed into the pot along with tin tomatoes, chicken stock and bay leaf.  Let this boiled and then turned down to simmer for 3 good hours.  Next allow the potatoes to (half) cook in boiling water.  When done drained water and send potatoes into the hot oven until its cooked and a crust is formed.  Share the heat of the oven with the pumpkin slices rubbed with olive oil, salt and cinnamon powder and roast until done.  Towards the last half hour until the meat is finished, mixed in French beans and a tin of cannenilli beans.  Enjoy this stew with the potatoes as side with pumpkin seeds as garnished.  Its filling and will warm you up this autumn chilly night.  Enjoy.

Wk 39/2014

Miso Eggplants Lentils

How about some more aubergines before its all gone with the season? This week’s dinner, we are serving Miso aubergines with Apples, Paprika and Green Lentils mix. Aubergines are sliced and oil and roasted in the hot oven for about 20 minutes. When done, flip oven to broil and brush on aubergines the following paste: White miso, grounded ginger, honey, soy, white vinegar and some pepper. Return to oven for a quick 5 minutes grill. Next, shallots and green lentils are cooked in the pot with hot vegetable stock added until lentils are al dente. Add chopped Alkmene apples and red paprika and cooked together for another 508 minutes depending how much crunch you want from the vegetables. When ready served with spring onions on top and aubergine at side. An autumn delight! 22.09.2014

Wk 38/2014

Pear and potato soup

This week’s weekly menu is a Pear and Potato Soup.  We pocket loads of Doyenne du Comice at the local organic market today.  Pairing it with Hoeksche Rooie potatoes and some large leeks, we made a light and refreshing soup for a warm autumn dinner.  Leeks are first sliced and cooked together with onions in base of olive oil and butter.  When just cooked, chopped potatoes and pears are added and later chicken stock poured in till it just covers the vegetables.  Allow this simple dish to cook till boiled and a further simmering for 10-15 mins.  When ready, topped it with some pear cubes and crumbles of Delft-blue (Gouda and blue) cheese.  Its sweet, filling, seasonal and with ingredients completely Made-in-Holland.  Served with fresh baguette and end with a satisfied tummy.  Eet smakelijk!  16.09.14

Wk 37/2014

Chicken Appels Paprika stew

This week’s palette calls for autumn colours.  Right now while apples are being harvested all over Netherlands we thought it would be a must to put it on our plates too.  Hence a Grilled Chicken, Elstar apples and Paprika dish to warm this week’s slightly dipping weather.  Slices of onions and quartered apples and first tossed together in a hot pan with olive oil.  When the aroma of the onion releases, a glug of chardonnay is added.  Enjoyed the sizzling sound of the dish while the griddle pan gets warm up on the side.  When ready, chicken breasts are grilled until surface is charred.  Tip red and yellow paprika pieces into the pan with apples adding also sprigs of thyme and chicken stock.  Cook chicken couple minutes each side and then put it into the pan of vegetables and apples for a final few minutes.  This dish is ready with all the lovely juice of apples and paprika are released to give you a wonderful autumn dinner.  Served with buttered couscous and enjoy!  09.09.2014

Wk 36/2014

Pork Aubergine Hotpot

Aren’t we lucky with such great late summer weather!  To kick off this season first family dinners, we are seizing the late summer juicy catch.  A pork hotpot cooked with summer’s last tomatoes and autumn’s aubergines.  This Asian inspired dinner contains pork belly cut in chunks and first browned in coconut oil.  Aubergine pieces are then into the pork fat with onions, ginger, star anises and cinnamon sticks all mixed together and bath in the hot oven for an hour.  Fish sauce and (loads of) lime juice is then added for a bit of punch and at end slices of ‘Coeur de Boeu’ (meaty) tomatoes tossed in for some freshness and colour.  Served with basmati rice and garnished with coriander.  Enjoy it alfresco while we still have daylight during dinner time and a white wine at side – picture perfect.  04.09.2014

Wk 31/2014

Tomato tart tartin

A heat wave calls for a chilled cucumber and melon soup plus a cherry tomato tart tatin.  Its 30 degrees outside and its rising!  This week your dinner has a ‘cocktail’ starter which puts together cucumber and melon chunks blended together with orange and lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.  Served icy cold for the freshness.  On the savoury side is a tart tatin marrying the best seasonal cherry tomatoes oven baked with slow-cooked caramelised red onion slices.  The pastry is mixed with parmesan cheese for better flavour and the tomatoes is seasoned with balsamic vinegar.  All in all a good combination to cool you off this warm evening.  No reheating needed for the tart tartin so enjoy it in your terrace, shoes out and legs up!

Wk 30/2014

Noodle salad

A summer noodle salad is the vegetarian dish of the week.  Plenty of summer vege are used like courgettes, stringbeans and carrots which are all sliced into thin slivers.  Cooked together with onions, garlic, fresh broad peas and shiitake mushrooms, a general splash of home-made chicken stock and soy sauce, all the ingredients quickly gives the volume and a colourful palette.  Ramen noodles are cooked at side till al dente and linseed oil mixed in.  When ready to serve, just combine equal amount of vege and noodles together.  Have a quick toss and enjoy it at room temperature (no reheating needed)!  And if desire, drizzle in some hot chilli oil for some kick.  p.s. If you need to undo the cooked bundle noodles, simply ease it off with a quick soak in boiling water.

wk 29/2014


This week we are serving a Tomato and Watermelon Gazpacho served with Smoked Mackerel tartine on bread. The gazpacho is put together by combining ripe vine and large beef tomatoes, paprika, watermelon, smoked paprika powder, red onions and garlic. It is blended till smooth consistency and season well. At side is a smoked mackerel spread mixing kwark and mayonnaise, topped on a warm baguette with slices of radishes, sesame seeds, chia seeds and chives. They say gazpacho is never serve in bowls but drank as a drink in Spain so best serve it chilled, add in some ice cubes if you wish and enjoy it like a Bloody Mary. Cheers!

wk 28/2014

Baked chicken en salad

And here we have a rainy summer week which gives us the chance to get some roasting going.  Week 28 dinner of the week is Roasted Chicken Wings served with Fresh Salad and Couscous.  Chicken wings are roasted in the oven seasoned with soy sauce, orange juice, garlic and ginger.  Sliced fresh tomatoes are mixed with the wings while it sits in the hot oven for an hour until all is tender then topped with sesame seeds.  On the side is a fresh summer salad which includes long strips of carrots, courgettes (green, yellow and patty pans) plus some roasted fresh cherries.  The salad is finished with a fresh orange juice and mustard vinaigrette along with buttered couscous for some carb.  Stay dry and enjoy this warm dinner.  08.07.2014

wk 27/2014

Mushrooms Spinach Quiche

A quiche for the summer.  Week 27 dish of the week is a chestnut mushrooms and spinach quiche served with fresh and crunchy summery salad.  This quiche is rich in flavour.  Filled with sliced chestnut mushrooms sautéed with onions and butter.  Spinach is wilted in salted boiling water, drained and gently squeezed to remove excess water.  Mixed together with mushrooms and spinach is a custard filling of creme fraise, milk, eggs and Gouda cheese.  Lastly, bathed in hot oven for an hour or so, this quiche is best served luke warm or at room temperature.  Side with a courgette, rucola, green lentils salad garnished with blueberries, radishes and linseeds.  Finished with a fresh orange and mustard dressing.  Enjoy this dinner in your garden or terrace as we continue to enjoy this long summer day(light).  01.07.2014

wk 26/2014

Pulled pork

Ditto to this week’s fun Lumey-straat fete, week 26 menu is also Pulled pork seasoned maple syrup and mustard served with home-made apple coleslaw in pitta bread with roasted rosemary potatoes as side.  The pork bathed in a 7 hours hot sauna in the oven and its nothing but pure tender goodness.  It is a summer must – without the fuss of setting up a grill, creating smoke and dust and all… … Pimped the pork with its own juicy sauce or some Thai sweet & hot sauce.  Serve up some ice cold campari jus and perhaps an ice cream to end while on telly watch the German and USA boys battle the next World Cup round.  Have a very good one!  26.06.2014

wk 25/2014

Crispy kipbout en nectarines

Week 25 dish of the week is Roasted Chicken Legs with Nectarines served with Sugar snaps, Broccoli and Baby leaves Salad.  As more summer fruits enter the market, nectarines are seen plentiful at this moment.  Pairing with chicken legs, the nectarines are roasted in high heat with butter while the chicken and red onions are roasted till tender with olive oil and just a rub of salt and pepper.  On the stove, sugar snaps and broccoli are blanched in boiling salted water and cool off when cooked with cold water to keep the crunchy bite and bright natural colour.  The cooked vegetables is then tossed together with a mixage of baby leaf greens, cooked barley and dried cranberries.  Finished with a generous garnish of fresh orange and balsamic vinegar dressing and enjoy!  17.06.2014

wk 24/2014

Pistou soup

A French inspired Pistou vegetables soup is your dinner tonight. With a wholesome home-made vege stock as base, this soup is a combination of lots of seasonal vegetables in one mouthful.  We’ve got Friesland potatoes, carrots, zuchinni, french beans and onions all chopped in little chunks.  Ruby red azuki beans also plays a role to kick in more flavour.  Topped as garnish are grated parmesan cheese and a rich basil and garlic pistou.  Served with crunchy spelt baguette as side.  Ladle your portion to fill your desire and enjoy it nice and hot!

wk 23/2014

DanDan noodles

A spicy and simple Summer Noodle to kickstart this warmer season.  This dinner has wholewheat noodles as main.  Topped as sides are pan fried chopped garlic and fresh ginger with minced beef seasoned with cayenne pepper, soy sauce, touch of honey and sesame oil.  Shredded cabbage is accompanying this dish with chopped carrots and minced garlic for flavour.  Garnished with goji berries, spring onions and sesame seeds, mixed together and serve it at room temperature.  Crunchy, spicy and very filling.  Enjoy!

wk 22/2014

Miso minestrone

Savour a delicious Spring Miso Minestrone soup this rainy week.  Each mouthful is packed with crunchy spring delight as we slowly begin to say goodbye to the asparagus as summer kicks in.  Both green and white asparagus, string beans and spring onions are sliced into slightly less than a cm long and sautéed with shallots and linseed oil.  On the side is a big pot of chicken soup slowly simmering for 3 hours along with leeks, daikon, onions and celery.  When soup is done, miso paste is added and cooked for further few minutes in very low heat while being constantly stirred.  Finally cannellini beans and wild rice and mixed into soup base along with all vegetables.  This is ready to serve with garnish of goji berries and some white pepper.  A satisfying meal to warm you up.  Enjoy!  *Reheating warning:  Soup base should be reheated in low simmering heat.  Do not boil as miso will burn and turn sour.


Spring power salad

A Spring salad on this warm summery spring day. This week, we are serving a green asparagus, courgettes, radish and new potatoes salad served with chunks of pork belly. Pork belly (aka bacon before curing) is cut into large cubes and pan fried on its own fat in pan until tender. Green asparagus are sliced into about an inch long (with tips kept to about 10cm) then sautéed with garlic and shallots. While the nieuwe oogst Ditta potatoes are boiling till cooked, courgettes are sliced lengthwise and radishes in thin slices via a mandolin. WIth a bed of rucola and veld salad as base, all other ingredients are tossed together and dressed with a grape fruit and lemon vinaigrette and finally garnished with linseeds. Served in a heap potion and enjoy while the sunshine continues to beam thru these long bright evenings. Eet smakelijk!  20.05.2014

wk 20/2014

Asparagus potato curry

Curry’s calling! Week 20 vegetarian dish is a green asparagus yellow curry. This curry starts with the usual suspects: garlic, onions and ginger blended into a paste. It is then pan fried with lemon grass stalks, cinnamon sticks, star anises, garam masala, cayenne pepper, chilli powder and a bit of tomato puree; all added in untill the aroma fills up the kitchen. Coconut milk is then poured in with vegetable stock. When mixage is boiling, the heat is turned down while potatoes is put in till just about cooked. This is when the spring vegetables – green asparagus (cut to about 5cm long) and chunks of pak choy and added into the simmering curry. Lastly we also throw in slices shiitake mushrooms to add in more flavour. Served with lemon and buttered basmati rice. A warm dinner for this slightly chilling spring days. Enjoy!  14.05.2014


Lamb spinach Lasagne

Week 19 dish of the week is a Lamb and Spinach Lasagna.  Fresh big leaves of spinach are is season now.  Along with this veggie that are spotted at many Dutch markets, spring is also a good time to taste the young spring lamb.  Hence a lasagne; mixed with thick and silky béchamel sauce.  Lamb meat is first pan-fried with onions and garlic till charred and brown.  While the spinach gets a quick blanch in boiling water, the béchamel sauce is full milk slow-simmered with bay leaves and white pepper.  When ingredients are all ready, we stacked the lasagne up liked a tower and finally garnished with parmigiano and béchamel for a hot oven bath.  A filling dinner for all in family.  Enjoy!  06.05.2014

wk 18/2014

Roasted asparagus radish ceasar salad

A double asparagus dish for this week!  Week 18 dish of the week is a roasted white and green asparagus caesar salad.  As we continue to savour the best of the asparagus season, the white and green asparagus are roasted in the hot oven as the nuttiness of this vegetables slowly emerged.  At side, thick slices of chicken breasts are pan-fried with mix of butter and olive oil.  Not too long or it will dry up so just about 4 minutes each side until it is nicely brown.  Baby gem lettuces and radish (just at the beginning of its season) makes the base of the salad.  Once asparagus are done, it is chopped into thin slices and top tips reserved.  Toss them together and topped it up with wholegrain croutons, parmigiano cheese and our lovely home-made lemon mustard vinaigrette.  Served it at room temperature or with the chicken at just a touch of warm (chicken is hence packed separately!).  A fantastic pimped up caesar – we truly love it!  Enjoy it all!  29.04.2014

wk 17/2014

Asparagus Soup

Week 17 dish of the week is a White Asparagus soup.  A light and creamy asparagus soup cooked with leeks, onions, potatoes and of course loads of white asparagus to enjoy on this post Easter Spring week as the temperature (hopefully) continues to rise.  First slices of leeks (white part best), onions and little chunks of potatoes (Agata or any floury ones) and cooked in low heat with butter.  Hot fresh vegetable stock is then added and chopped up asparagus (leaving tips set aside).  When mixage is just cooked thru, it is blended till smooth and silky.  Asparagus tips is then put it for a final 5 minutes cook-out with finally some fresh cream added to top up the buttery touch.  Served with toasts glazed with olive oil, garnish the soup with bits of pistachio nuts and chopped chives.  Eet smakelijk!  17.04.2014

wk 16/2014

Salmon Asparagus

Embrace Spring with green asparagus and new potatoes this week. Week 16 dish of the week is a one pot roasted salmon, charlotte potatoes, cherry tomatoes and green asparagus. This one is simple to prepare and puts together fresh harvest and brilliant vibrant colours on your plate. The new potatoes are first cleaned and put in a large dish into a hot oven for about 20 mins. Then add the peeled green asparagus, cherry tomates, onions/shallots for another 15 mins with balsamic vinegar and splash of water (or stock) are added to keep the mixage moist. Lastly thick slices of salmon enters the heat chamber for a final 15 mins. Literally that easy, garnish with fresh basil and this meal is done waiting for you to sample. Enjoy spring on your plate!  17.04.2014

wk 14/2014

spring kip pilaf

Think of the beginning of a new season, we think of Spring Chicken.  For a sunny and warm week 14, dish of the week is a (Spring) chicken fillet, fresh peas and cauliflower saffron pilaf rice.  Succulent chicken fillet pieces are first browned on pan with butter and vegetable oil, with just a pinch of salt tossed in.  When this is done, with the flavourful fat left on pan, chopped onions are sautéed till just soft and basmati rice added in with chicken stock then a pinch of cinnamon and saffron.  When stock boils up, chopped up cauliflower and podded fresh peas are mixed in till the whole dish is simmer till cooked.  Chicken fillet are added for a final touch up.  When ready to serve, blue thompson raisins and sunflower seeds are sprinkled on top and parsley as garnish.  Enjoy this Spring delight!  01.04.2014

wk 13/2014

watercress soup tartine

As the spring weather gradually warms up, our winter stew dishes slowly ceases from our menu.  This week’s vegetarian dinner is a watercress and potato soup served with a roasted cherry tomatoes and goat cheese tartine; both tasting as delicious when served cold.  The soup is a traditional leek and potatoes (vichyssoise) version pimp up with the peppery watercress leaves.  The watercress leaves are blanched separately and then chilled in cold ice water to maintain its bright green hue.  When vichyssoise is done, watercress leaves are added and the soup is then blended till smooth.  On the side, little cherry tomatoes sits in the hot oven for an hour until it is roasted and  ready to burst your appetite.  Base of bruschetta is a goat cheese and quark mix with poppy seeds added, basil leaves and pine nuts as garnish.  A light and simple combination. Enjoy.  27.03.2014

Wk 12/2014

Lentil Soup

Week 12 dish of the week is a versatile Lentil soup.  A heap mirepoix (celery, carrots and onions) mix gives this dish the solid fragrance and flavour base while garlic and dry thyme gives extra taste.  We used green lentils along with vegetable stock for the volume.  When the soup is just cooked, half the option is blended just so to thicken up the dish.  Then cannellini beans are put in for a filling touch.  Pan fried bacon are cooked at side for those who wish for a savoury lift and chopped parsley as garnish.  Finally some toast to pair; oven grilled topped with butter for a bit of crunch.  A high in protein and iron meal, warm and hearty to the last spoonful.  Enjoy!  18.03.2014

Wk 07/2014

Duck en Kumquats

Its an Asian braised duck leg for dinner tonight. Week 7 dish of the week is a dark soy sauce based, slow-cooked duck legs bathing in the hot oven with spices like fresh ginger, galanga, star anise amd cinnamon. At side is a fresh winter salad including blanched cavolo vero that is cooked with garlic. It is then tossed with olive and sesame oil and put together with slices fresh kumquats, goji berries, sesame seeds and roasted pine nuts. Wholegrain basmatic rice to match plus a wholesome braising sauce garnished with orange peel. Pull out your best Pinot Noir and enjoy!  13.02.2014

Wk 06/2014

Aubergine Bsprout Curry

Vegetarian dish of the week is a Aubergine and Brussel Sprouts curry served with Red Rice. This coconut based curry will give you the ‘inner heat’ that you need for winter days. WIth fresh ginger and spices like turmeric, garam-masala, cayenne pepper and smoked paprika. Spiciness is at the mild side so those interested kiddos can give it a try. Red rice is glazed with olive oil and compliment the curry with its natural nuttiness. Garnished with coconut flakes and coriander. Enjoy!  06.02.2014

week 17/2013

Wk 17 dish of the week is a Ratatouille.  A peasant food turns lengthy.  All vegetables are cooked separately and put together in the end as a fantastic ensemble.  First the eggplants and onions are sliced 5-7mm thick.  Zucchinis went thru the mandoline at 3mm thick.  These veg are then pan fried a minute each side but the onions are caramelised on very low heat to keeps it crunch and transparency.  To do the sauce, chopped tomatoes and garlic are sauteed together with white wine added till evaporated.  Passata is then mixed in with bay leaves and thyme.  Cooked till just boiled and then simmer for 30 minutes.  Add in eggplants at 25th minutes to make sure it is cooked thru.  Finally put veg together, stack or aside with sauce over it.  Best with some cold cut, potatoes or rice.  Yummy!  25.04.2013